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Our Model

We at Making A Difference, are working towards enabling sustainable models that can consistently help us increase our reach to lesser privileged ones and help uplift their lives. 

Our model enables people to donate and share in multiple ways. These donations are utilized to support Child Education and Medical Expenses of those in need. 


The sections below detail how we provide you opportunities to share. 

Back to School

Education Club

Since 2011, we have committed ourselves to educate girl child and enabled the education of nearly 60+ girls every year till 2020. 
As we restart our Education Club with our kind sponsors, join us and make a difference.

MAD100 Club

Every Drop Matters! In the direction of realizing our Vision of 'Making Charity a Habit', MAD Star Club induces the Habit by way of regular contributions of as small as INR 100.

Golden Star
Online Workshop

Learn & Share Club

Charity can be in many forms. At Making A Difference, we welcome and create avenues for each of you to share and donate in every way you can. 

Learn & Share is a format where you can choose to become a speaker on our Events for a Cause and share your knowledge as a donation. 

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