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Learn & Share Club

We Make It Easy to Help Others

Sharing knowledge is one of the most noble contributions one can make. 
We welcome people from all walks of life and all fields, professions and talents to come share your knowledge through our Events for a Cause initiative.

Here we invite speakers to talk about a specific topic for a set duration. Participants enroll based on their interest paying a nominal fee. 
Session Topic, Duration, Date and Time slot are chosen by the speaker who also guide us on who the session will work for the most. 
100% proceeds from the session go into sharing with the lesser privileged ones.

Virtual Team Meeting

Meet our Speakers

Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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Kshitij Sharma

Executive Coach

Kshitij has a practical experience of over 3000 plus hours of professional coaching. In a career spanning over two decades, he has coached hundreds of leaders, both women and men, from organizations. 

Kshitij conducted an interactive session for 20 participants through our Events for a Cause initiative and helped us raise INR 20K that supported the medical expenses of one beneficiary. 

Dazil Fernandez

Program Coordinator

Dazil is armed with over 20 years of HR leadership experience across ITES/FMCG/IT/ BANKING. During his 20-year corporate stint, he has led various strategic initiatives in HR like Employee Engagement, Learning and Development, Succession Planning and Strategic Co-piloting.

With his extensive exposure to how compensation structures work and how candidates can seek a lucrative offer, Dazil is conducting our September session on 'How to Negotiate Salary during Interviews'. 

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