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Get to Know us

Founded in 2022, with few friends coming together with a desire to illuminate smiles along with Diyas (Lamp) at an orphanage on the eve of Diwali, thus on the Festival of Lights, Making a Difference (MAD) came to Light.


Slowly the desire of one, became the passion of many, and more and more friends, literally crazy to support and help people, came together and committed to do this on a regular and consistent basis.


We started with reaching out to our circle of friends and gradually, with the word of mouth and various events, the organization grew to a considerable strength of volunteers who supported the cause with all their heart. Our patrons base also gradually increased and with the goodwill of volunteers and continuous support of our well-wishers M.A.D(Making A Difference) transformed from a vision to a reality.

Ours is a small community with a focused endeavor to get help to where there is no or little support. The team has been identifying various orphanages, old age homes & slums in and around Hyderabad, India, to contribute and uplift their standard of living not just by donating money but also by uplifting their spirit by personalized care.

Over the years we also have collaborated with various other NGOs to support national level calamities. 

Some Noteworthy Milestones are listed in the image on the right.

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