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Education Club

Education sure remains the most basic need for every child to help them build a secure and independent future. Yet, there are numerous children in our very country who either struggle to get access to basic education or are unable to afford it.

In our endeavor to support the basic education needs of as many children as we possibly can (especially girl child), M.A.D – Making A Difference (Charitable Trust) has been providing education sponsorship to 60+ girls every year since 2011.

You may read more about our earlier work around education, on our Facebook page while we work on transitioning and updating our website with past events. 

In order to be fair to all those who can benefit from these sponsorships and to ensure it reaches those you truly need it, we have set up a simple process to understand, evaluate and approve all requests. 

All sponsorship requests are reviewed and audited for authenticity by our team of volunteers before getting approved. 

For more details on how the EduClub works and what you as a sponsor can expect, please click on the link below. 

Education Sponsor FAQs
Classroom Furnitures

Education Request 1

We have received a request for a school going girl through our Facebook Page.

The details of the request are currently getting evaluated by our team. 

More details will be added once we receive it. 

Image by Nic Rosenau

Education Request 2

A request has been shared by one of our volunteers for a girl in need. More details are getting identified and evaluated. 

We will provide complete details here when ready. 

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