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Our Journey So Far

Let us take you down memory lane with various events, initiatives and lives we have touched since 2022.



This year, as winter approached, we held our annual winter drive to help those braving the cold nights on the streets of Delhi and Hyderabad. We distributed warm winter kits to people in need, providing them a much-needed shield against the harsh winter elements. Each kit, carefully assembled to offer comfort and protection, costs ₹250 and included:

  • A warm blanket.

  • A woolen cap to keep heads warm.

  • A pair of woolen socks.

  • A pair of woolen gloves to ward off the chill.

By providing these essential items, we aimed to bring warmth and hope to those facing the harsh winter. We continue our efforts to support those in need, focusing on providing medical aid to ensure their well-being.



This year we focused on strengthening our foundation for the future. We embarked on a comprehensive organization process, evaluating our strategies and operating models. This was to ensure we can create greater impact in the years to come. We're excited to unveil the fruits of our organization efforts, details about which are updated in 'our model' section of our website. We have also introduced our exciting new education sponsorship process which enables individuals to seek sponsorships directly or through a guide/mentor. By investing in these areas, we're confident we'll be better equipped to address the evolving needs of our beneficiaries and create a lasting positive change in their lives.

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