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Meet the Team

We are a passionate group of working professionals, come together with a common purpose of serving those in need.

Our mission is to uplift the quality of life of children residing in orphanages where they have minimal means of support. We aim to provide emotional support to inmates of old age homes, orphan kids and underprivileged families. Our ambition is to support the needy through all means possible which include collaborating with national level NGOs to help during national calamities.

Our team is dedicated to the mission of helping those in need in the greater San Francisco area. Get to know the people who make Making A Difference what it is. Our team is an unbelievable source of information and we are ready to share our events, activities, and the ways for you to get involved.

Anamika Khanna


Member since 2011

A founder of the concept, vision and mission of MAD at an individual level which transformed into a passion of many and a reality!

In her own words:

MAD is an outcome of my deepest desire to serve those in need and is greatly aligned to my purpose in life.

In the last 10 years, MAD has gone through multiple changes in our approach, member team and even the outreach. This change is what has, and will continue to help us evolve as a team and stay relevant.

We are blessed with the trust, support and patronage we receive from our long standing donors and members. Without them, nothing we do, could ever be possible.

My deepest gratitude to them!


Namit Jain

Secretary General

Member Since 2013

A Founding Member, Advisor and Guide.

now managing all legal, policy & Compliance.

In his own words :

Being a MAD member for me, means being passionately crazy to uplift the society. The journey has been a roller coaster with our own set of challenges, that when overcome lead to utmost

contentment. I truly believe that a simple act of caring creates endless ripples, and I am committed to creating these.

Amit Pasrija

Board Member

Member Since 2016

A passionate volunteering member, the brain behind program implementation. Making initiatives a success on ground.

In his own words:

Giving back to the society and being of service has always been my calling. While I remain actively engaged in many social service activities with multiple NGOs, MAD2 gives me the opportunity to bring my vision to reality. The passion that the members bring in, our transparency with the benefactors and deep intentions to doing more, is our USP. I am excitedly committed to take MAD2 to the space it is truly capable of achieving, and in the process live my life of service. 


Priyanka Jain

Board Member

Member since 2019

A philanthropist at heart, inspiring compassion through her pen. Leading our content throughout all mediums.

In her own words: Making A Difference is my path to redemption.

'Each one, teach one' is something my father imbibed into me as a child. Growing up, I always wished to amplify the fruits of his ideology. I have deep Gratitude towards the Founder of MAD2, Ms Anamika Khanna for introducing this channel in my life, and letting me open up my wings for the larger family. 

Food, Education & Job are necessities. Being a member of MAD, I want to contribute in my best capacity and spread out gifts of education, awareness, financial education and touch maximum lives for a better future. I welcome like-minded & compassionate souls to join us for the cause.

Bhavani Akundi

Board Member

Member since 2011

A Founding Member, Financial expert and an Educationist.

Bringing her expertise to manage financial budgeting and Education drives.

In her own words: Making A Difference gave me a new direction and purpose in life. Supporting the children in their education and guiding them through the process, has been a very rewarding experience. 

Through MAD2, I believe we can bring about a change in the lives of the needy and make a significant contribution to their better future and a better tomorrow for all.


Gunjan Sachdev

Board Member

Member since 2018

A dedicated volunteering member, backbone of financial management. Keeping us on track & Honest financially.

In her own words:

For me, education is one of the greatest gifts one can give, since it not only impacts the individual, but it impacts the generations and the society of that individual.

So what could be a better way of giving back to society than girls education and uplifting? MAD helps me achieve this in a trustworthy way, wherein I can ensure every penny goes into the noble cause.

It helps me contribute, even being seven seas apart.

Manish Khanna

Volunteering Strategic Advisor

Member since 2013

A Founding Member, Advisor and Guide.

Leads MAD2Australia fundraising & website development.

In his own words :

What started as a simple thought, has now become a part of my life. When MAD came to me, I instantly knew it had to grow and I wanted to contribute towards that. MAD gives me an opportunity to stay connected to my roots and play a role in improving the lives of children, the future of my homeland, India.


I truly believe that with good intention, diligence and persistence, we will make an impact.


Gopal Naidu

Volunteering Strategic Advisor

Member since 2013

A Founding Member, Advisor and Guide.

Leads MAD2Oman fundraising & Events

and Idea Generation.

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