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Our Mad100 Club is led by young children encouraging and influencing the society to make it a habit to share a part of your life with the lesser privileged ones.  

Choose from any multiples of 100 and pledge to donate it every month. We encourage you to set up auto debit from your accounts to the MAD2 account to avoid missing a payment. 

MAD100 Club

Meet the Crew

Our 100Club warriors are on a mission to educate and influence people at all levels and stages.

Somya Pasrija

Somya Pasrija

A passionate Delhi girl committed to serve the society with every opportunity she gets. The clarity and drive Somya brings to every decision in life, is seldom found in children of her age group. 

Somya is a journalism student, a psychology enthusiast and is committed to Making A Difference in the society in every way she can. 

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