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At Making A Difference, we understand the power of Trust and retain Trasparency as our USP.
In this section, you can browse through receipts and payment slips for various events we take up and support, along with some pictures.

Medical Report

Medical Support - Case 4 - Open

November 25, 2021

A case of cerebral hemorrhage seeking support for getting back to normalcy.

Medical Support - Case 5 - Open

February, 10, 2022

A case of Metastatic Stomach cancer of a domestic cook.

Cost Estimate.jpeg
Image 1

Oxygen Drive 1 - Closed

April 29, 2021

INR 50,000/- collected and shared with our collaborative partners Round Table India for distribution of oxygen Cylinders and concentrators.

Medical Support - Case 1 - Closed

May 27, 2021

A family with 4 infected by Covid with single mother struggling to support her parents and brother, while taking care of her kids and managing herself.

We have collected INR 50,000/- to support this family.

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