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Completed Events - 2015

Find more details on the events we have completed so far! Along with images, receipts and payment proofs.

Christmas celebration – Make a wish come true - Be a wish-fulfilling Santa

Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy – Edwin Osgood Grover.
There are many ways to express one’s love for another and bring joy to someone’s life.
This Christmas, we at MAD (Making a difference) decided to express our love and bring smiles to the children of the orphanage we support.
We were confident that many of us would like to be a Santa for each of our children.
So we made the forty-two children play a game where they made a wish. Children thought they were only playing a game and never expected their wishes to come true.
However, as soon as the game was finished, our team got into action. We worked towards sharing these small and cute wishes of these innocent children with our supporters.
We were delighted to see that support poured in from all directions.
Our supporters acted in the true spirit of Christmas to spread love and joy.
Our effort to bring out the hidden Santa amongst us bore fruits, and so many came forward as Santas to fulfill the desires of these kids. It was the happiest Christmas ever for these innocent little ones.
We express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who were more than happy to be Santa for these kids and brought so much joy to them.

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