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Making A Difference

Committed to convert charitable needs of beneficiaries into self-sustenance opportunities!

In Service since 2022

OUR VISION: Our vision is to enhance the skills of our beneficiaries and enable them to become financially able and independent. 



Child Education

Did you know that many underprivileged children in India drop out of school due to financial constraints, lack of access to quality education, and the need to support their families.

We at Making A Difference are on a mission to help our young children get their basic right to education by sponsoring their tuition fees, school uniforms, books, stationery and more.

For more details please visit this link:  Click Here


Winter Drive

Our annual winter drive shared warm winter kits with those on the roads braving the cold winter nights, in Delhi and Hyderabad. 

Each Winter Kit costing INR 250/-, includes A warm blanket, A woolen cap, A pair of woolen socks and a pair of woolen gloves. You may also choose to volunteer for distribution.

Please message us on +91 7799677550 if you are keen to contribute for our  upcoming campaign drive. 

Spreading Smiles, Spreading Love

Something For Everyone

It’s Easy to Join Us


Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

Whatever You Can Spare

Charity is sharing a part of what you have for the upliftment of the society. 

Bringing you the opportunity to volunteer with us and get community service and internship certificates. 

We just need couple of hours of your week!

Sharing Opportunities

Intentions open avenues!

We believe that charity is an intention to bring a positive change in our society. Such intentions can be translated into any form of contributions. Read more to learn about our model and various ways in which you can contribute.

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The Team


"A day when you have done something for someone who can never return it, is a day truly lived".

- Our Philosophy

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Contact Us

Hyderabad, India

+91 7799677550

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