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Completed Events - 2018

Find more details on the events we have completed so far! Along with images, receipts and payment proofs.

In News - 1

Kerala Flood relief funds

We at MAD collected funds for Kerala flood relief. 

We collected INR 1,50,087 with the help of our supporters. We transferred the funds to the Round Table India team.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-10 at 3.55.15 AM.jpeg

Diwali celebration 

This year we decided to celebrate a smokeless Diwali without fire-crackers. Instead of crackers, we celebrated it with music and dance, and it was such a success. 

Kids just loved the celebration.


Christmas celebration 

We celebrated Christmas with girls at the orphanage by bringing them Christmas gifts and chocolate boxes with cards and their names written on each gift. It was our attempt to bring a smile to their face on this festive day.

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